Crazy rumor suggests Samsung will use 8GB of RAM in the Galaxy S8


As we wind 2016 down and start getting closer to new phone announcements early next year we’re certainly going to hear more and more rumors about those devices. Some rumors make sense, but some of them are pretty incredible and hard to believe. The latest “leak” about the Galaxy S8 seems like it falls in the latter category.

Samsung is reportedly using their own 8GB RAM module for the Galaxy S8 next year, which would make it the first in the market to tout such an insane amount of memory. OnePlus ships 6GB of RAM in the OP3 and OP3T, neither of which ever run out of RAM. Adding more RAM on top of that is only going to look good in marketing material, it won’t add much to the user experience.

However, the second part of the rumor suggests that we’ll see UFS 2.1 for internal storage in the Galaxy S8, which would be a nice improvement. Samsung introduced UFS 2.0 with the Galaxy S6 and iterated some improvements on it with the Galaxy S7 which made it the fastest internal storage on the block as far as Android devices are concerned. However, as good as UFS is, it still gets smoked by Apple’s completely custom NVMe storage, so hopefully the newer version of UFS can close that gap.

This is all still speculation at this point (and I wouldn’t hold my breath on 8GB of RAM) but faster internal storage can definitely be a big selling point for the Galaxy S8. Samsung needs to knock it out of the park to kick off 2017, and that’s one way to do it.

source: Weibo

via: GSM Arena

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