HTC could be selling off its phone business, report says


It’s no secret that HTC has been struggling financially, especially after the last couple of flagship launches not going as well as the company hoped. And now, according to a new report out of China, HTC could be looking to do what we’ve all been expecting: sell off its smartphone business.

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Suffice to say, HTC isn’t doing well all-around. There were high hopes placed on the HTC Vive, but even that isn’t selling nearly as well as expected. Looking at mobile specifically, things just aren’t looking well. The HTC 10 might be one of the more successful phones the Taiwanese-based company has put out in recent years, but it’s still not had any major impact on HTC’s financial results.

According to this report, HTC wants to sell off its smartphone business in order to get a grasp on its financial situation, and without going bankrupt. This transaction could happen as early as Spring 2017.

On the other side of things, it’s said that Taiwanese media has reported that HTC has denied this rumor. While nothing was cited, it’s highly possible that HTC could be just trying to avoid bad press, as they’re already not getting positive attention with this ongoing financial crisis.

If this report from MyDrivers turns out to be true, we may no longer see HTC smartphones after 2017.

source: MyDrivers
via: MobiPicker

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  • MohamadKarbi

    Wish the best for HTC. Their phones were/are the best till now. It would be great lose for us if unknown party bought them. Hope Google or Microsoft consider it

  • Paladin

    You mean that making the Google Pixel didn’t help them? Well, back to the drawing board for Google. Now they’ll have to find a more stable partner next time. Bad move on Google’s part.