AT&T introduces Stream Saver to reduce your data usage


Using a smartphone or tablet for multimedia streaming, such as video, is one of the most common ways to enjoy content. Yet with mobile carriers doing away with all or most “unlimited data” plans, the concern of going over your limit when not on WiFi can be very real. AT&T today announced a new service called Stream Saver that aims to help you enjoy video streaming while keeping your data usage low.

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Rolling out in early 2017, AT&T Stream Saver will be a new feature that customers with their “most popular plans with data” can enable that will limit the resolution of streamed video to 480p. It’s unclear what the most popular plans are versus any AT&T plan that includes data, but it is noted that GoPhone customers will have access to this feature as well.

Carriers have been taking a lot of steps to change how customers use their data or how that data is delivered to your device. T-Mobile, now infamously, introduced their T-Mobile One plan a few months ago that promised “unlimited data” that was throttled down to 480p unless the customer paid extra for HD video (the plan has since been tweaked slightly).

AT&T is hoping to do something similar in order to reduce user’s data consumption, and therefore allowing their available data to last longer, but their strategy is an optional feature rather than an overall plan.

When Stream Saver goes live, customers will receive a message with instructions for how to turn this feature on. From there, video you watch on that device will max out at 480p, which to be honest is fine for most people who just want to quickly watch something on YouTube or a news site. What’s good about this feature is the fact that it’s optional and, at no extra charge, you can turn it off an still enjoy streaming video at whichever resolution you like.

Is Stream Saver a feature you see yourself taking advantage of?

Source: AT&T

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