Samsung says sorry for Galaxy Note 7 recall in full-page newspaper ads


The saga of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues as the company has now taken out full-page ads in various newspapers giving another apology as well as affirming their commitment to their customers and safety.

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The entire recall process for the Galaxy Note 7, as well as the aftermath, happened on an unprecedented scale. This barely needs repeating (except for those of you who still have not returned your phone). Samsung has been in damage control mode for the last couple months and these new full-page newspaper ads show that the South Korean company is not slowing down.

“As committed by our company’s leadership, we are taking proactive steps to identify and address what went wrong and how we need to improve our operations. Samsung will revisit every step of our engineering, manufacturing, and quality control processes so we can meet the highest standards for excellence moving forward.”

In the ad, Samsung President and CEO, Gregory Lee, apologizes for “falling short” on their promise to offer best-in-class experience and safety. The South Korean company is investigating what exactly when wrong with their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones and the results will be made public when that process is complete.

In addition to the Galaxy Note 7, the ad also points out the recent voluntary recall for some of Samsung’s top-loading washing machines that run a risk of the top detaching from the rest of the machine during use. In short, Samsung now has two massive recalls on its hands.


All the company can do now is continue to look forward and this ad is a good indicator of that. With the upcoming announcement and release of the Galaxy S8, Samsung must find a way to keep its customers loyal to their brand while they wait for next spring. The Galaxy S8 is already rumored to be quite a comeback device with a possible 4K display as well as the debut of Samsung’s own AI Assistant.

How do you feel about Samsung as a company these days? Do the words in this ad make you feel confident enough to consider Samsung’s future products?

Source: Korea Herald

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  • Carsten Weckel

    Sehr lustig. Noch schöner wäre es, wenn sie das Geld für mein zurück geschicktes Note 7 auch erstatten würden. In diesem Punkt scheint bei Samsung keine Eile zu herrschen.
    Pfui Samsung. So geht man nicht mit Kunden um.