BlackBerry won’t be manufacturing smartphones anymore


BlackBerry will go down in history as one of the key players in the early smartphone market, but that era is officially over. In the company’s quarterly financial results, they’ve announced that they’ll no longer be manufacturing any smartphones from this point forward, coming after BlackBerry posted an $8 million loss over the previous quarter. Sad, but reasonable.

There are still some interesting things we can take away from this announcement, however, which indicate that the BlackBerry brand will still live on.

You’ve probably seen some leaks for the BlackBerry DTEK60 recently, and it’s almost positive we’ll still see that device. But, like the DTEK50, it’s not a BlackBerry device, per se, but instead a smartphone manufactured by another company (TCL, in the case of the DTEK50) with BlackBerry branding. The company has already licensed its name to a firm in Indonesia that will likely be doing the same thing in that area.

So what does this mean for BlackBerry? Well, the company maintains plenty of its own secure software on Android, including BlackBerry Messenger. Considering software revenue was historically the strongest it’s ever been for BlackBerry, it’s clear that’s where the company’s future lies. Even without its own dedicated hardware, BlackBerry seems to be doing relatively well, even if they’ll never be able to match behemoths like Apple or Samsung ever again.

If you need to take a moment to think back on all of those smartphone QWERTY keyboards you had in 2008, go ahead. We’re here for you.

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  • Darkcobalt

    It’s really unfortunate. I still remember fondly my old Blackberries, but they never seemed to be able to adapt to the smartphone market properly. Does this mean that while they won’t manufacture their own devices we’ll continue to see Blackberry branded devices? Will they still be involved in the design of such devices, or are they merely licensing the name to others who will do everything from design onwards?