Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 replacements are overheating


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 troubles is a nightmare that won’t ever end. Already costing the company upwards of $1 billion, that number might just grow, as replacement devices are seemingly having some major issues. Consumes in South Korea are complaining that their Galaxy Note 7 replacement is not only overheating, but are quickly losing battery power even while being charged, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Korean tech giant hasn’t said how many confirmed cases there are around these new issues, but Samsung says that they’re “completely unrelated to batteries.” The company added that these are “isolated cases” due to mass production problems, which is entirely possible given that Samsung needed to replace 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 models in a short period of time.

Samsung says the company is conducting “close examinations” of the issue. But, as it seems right now, these problems are limited to just South Korea. There doesn’t seem to be many if any at all outside of Samsung’s home country.


These replacement phones aren’t exploding, but they are getting unnecessarily hot. It’s also almost impossible to charge the phone while powered on, according to some of these cases. Even while the phone is on the charger, it’s quickly losing battery percentage. You’d have to turn the phone off in order to get a full charge, but even then, you’re still quickly losing battery power and it still doesn’t solve the overheating problem.

While Samsung hasn’t said how many cases there are of these problems, it also hasn’t shed light on whether this problem is just from South Korea or if there are reports of the same problem in other markets as well.

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Samsung said they would hold off on resuming sales of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea until October 1, as there were still at least 200,000 Galaxy Note 7 owners in the country that have not returned their handset for a replacement.

Hopefully Samsung will be able to deal with the overheating and charging issues swiftly. Considering that they said it’s “completely unrelated to the batteries,” let’s hope that it’s something as simple as a mandatory software update.

source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • THEREAL-PapaSnarf

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      You sound like a bitter fool with not a hint of prove

      • THEREAL-PapaSnarf

        Prove? Are you that stupid and ignorant? You can Google how many times Swinesung has been sued by Multiply times by THEFT.

  • Sloma86

    I wish they admitted their note’s 7 bricking and restarting on their own. Very annoying issue, impossible to use phone then.
    I’m still waiting for the replacement phone, sent mine 12th semptember and up till now there is no info about when it’ll be shipped and delivered to me, i’ve heard on helpline that i should get it until end of the week but somehow i don’t believe that.

    • Phillip

      Hum I’ve never had that issue and 3 friend of mine with n7 haven’t eather

    • Phillip

      Who’s your carrier not sure why you can’t just go to the factory store and just swap out

      • Sloma86

        Sincy my reply did not get through the mod censorship then i’ll answer again.
        My provider is Orange, but i’ve ordered replacement through samsung hotline and i’ve snd it to their authorised service partner for them to check out and replace with the new phone.
        It was 12th september and until now i don’t have any news about when i’ll get a new one, really proffesional from samsung …
        So i can’t replace it now because i’m starting to forget how it’s to have your note 7 working well, mine worked well for 2 days and then started acting crazy.
        ps. I guess my last answer was not published because i’ve pasted a link there to my youtube account video with note 7 restarting, i just wanted to show you what did i have to get through with this phone. But if you’d like to see it type galaxy note 7 restarting randomly on youtube.

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            Thanks for explaining. I simply used wrong word to describe the proccess but i didn’t know for sure why my previous post wasn’t showing up after 12h from posting.
            Sorry and have a good day.

  • LLcdPH

    Why are you reposting reposts of a single post from last week? Wow!

  • Myron Holmgren

    I received my replacement phone, note 7, and it charges fine while powered on.

  • Phillip

    My note 7 has been the best Android phone I’ve ever owned and has been a beast no issues here eather