Google backtracks on promise not to store Allo messages indefinitely


While we were given a heads-up as to when Google’s Allo messaging would begin rolling out, no one really expected it to become available to the masses in the small hours of the night. It did, though, and as is usual with new apps, people have been tearing into Allo, finding out all sorts of interesting things. Something that has been found out in the few hours since Allo officially launched is the change in Google’s stance of only storing messages transiently, and not indefinitely.

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According to The Verge, “all non-incognito messages will be stored by default”. While Allo users can still choose to use Incognito mode if they want messages to be encrypted end-to-end without being stored on Google’s servers, normal non-incognito messages will be stored until the user chooses to manually delete them. This means, that like other Google products such as Hangouts and Gmail, Allo messages will be stored on Google’s servers, giving Google’s algorithms access to the conversation history unless it has been manually deleted. The reasoning behind the change in stance is apparently to aid Allo’s assistant to provide more accurate options for its smart reply feature.

For the most part, this won’t affect the average user who use their Google account to log into third-party sites. Those of us that prefer to keep their private details hidden in the shadows should probably use the incognito mode from the start when using the Allo app.

What do you make of Google’s change in how it stores Allo messages? Let us know your thoughts on the new messaging app in the comments below.

Source: The Verge

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