Yet another Galaxy Note 7 explodes in public [Update: It was a Galaxy Core!]


Update: Days later, it looks like this wasn’t a Galaxy Note 7 explosion, as originally suspected. NBC New York was able to identify the phone as a Samsung Galaxy Core. It’s certainly still not good news for the company and will still start an investigation, but there’s likely more factors at play here than just a faulty manufacturing process as we’re seeing on the Galaxy Note 7.

Original Story:

The bad press just keeps rolling in for Samsung. Now we have another exploding Galaxy Note 7 on our hands, literally; a phone exploded in the hands of a 6-year-old boy in Brooklyn. Yikes.

The boy was using the phone to watch videos on Saturday night when it overheated and caught fire, which was apparently traumatizing enough to make him scared of all other phones. I can’t say I blame him, either.

This is yet another phone that’s causing problems in public, which is a symptom of the bigger problem of how Samsung is handling their recall. Since Samsung essentially issued a voluntary recall, the potentially dangerous devices haven’t been returned as promptly as they should have been. Samsung is now working with the US government to get those phones back to retailers as quickly as possible, but they probably should have done that right out of the gate. It’s clear that not everyone is aware of the recall or doesn’t understand the severity of the situation, and that’s making the situation much, much worse.

At this point, if you or anyone you know still has a Galaxy Note 7, you should definitely go return it. Don’t keep waiting, and don’t just assume it won’t happen to you. We don’t want to be writing about your exploded phone next week.

source: NY Post

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  • Liam Wallace

    The phone wasn’t a Galaxy Note 7, It was a Galaxy Core. Dont ever believe NY Post!