You can now drop a video in a Facebook comment

facebook video comment

Facebook recently held their 50th Hackathon event, and one really cool feature has made its way from the coding jam into the wild: videos in comment replies.

Yep, now you’ll be able to reply to posts (or other comments!) with embedded videos, which Facebook thinks should help stir up more communication. 

Personally, I don’t think slapping a YouTube video into a comment is going to help add to a conversation unless I’m specifically talking to someone about a video that I want them to watch, but the option doesn’t hurt. Videos join a handful of other items that you can put in your Facebook comments, including pictures, stickers, and emojis, all of which seem like more suitable things to drop in conversations.

That’s not to take anything away from the feat of getting this feature rolled out so quickly, especially considering it’s launched on the web, iOS, and Android, and it’s dealing with a very heavy traffic portion of the site. Can’t argue with the efficiency.

The feature works pretty much everywhere regardless of what platform you’re on, so feel free to check it out next time you’re talking to friends on the social media site. It even works within groups and events, which seems like the place that it’d make the most sense to start dropping videos, so at least a few people will be able to find some clever uses for it.

source: Facebook

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