Opera Mini now has a built-in Ad Blocker


Browsing websites on your handset can be a terrible experience at times, especially when the site you are browsing has a multitude of pop-up ads hiding the content you actually want to view. One way to get around the invasive ads is to download and install the Opera Mini browser for Android, which now comes with a built-in ad-blocker.


The integrated ad-blocker means that websites should load up to 40% quicker because the browser isn’t having to download the ads as well as the actual content you want to view. There’s an added benefit for those on capped data plans because Opera Mini isn’t downloading the ads, this results in data savings of up to 14%, on top of the browser’s built-in data compression technology.

Opera Mini’s ad-blocker isn’t enabled by default, so you’ll have to navigate to the settings by pressing the “O“, then select the data-savings summary, and finally toggle the “Block ads” option to ‘On‘. If you still aren’t sure how to turn the ad-blocker on, just take a look at Opera’s how-to video below. You can download Opera Mini from the Play Store by clicking the link below.

Play Store Link

Source: Opera

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