Twitter revamps the Connect tab to make it easier to find people to follow


Twitter is great, but it’s useless if you’re not following interesting users and accounts. The solution? Twitter’s new Connect tab, which is designed specifically to give you an easy way to follow accounts that the social media site thinks you’d be interested in.

The new Connect interface is a drastic improvement over the old interface, mostly because it actually shows you details about accounts. Currently, Twitter just lists accounts related to things you follow and lists them, but the new tab shows details about the user, why Twitter is recommending it, and a rearranged interface that makes way more sense.

Twitter Connect

The new algorithms factor in accounts you follow, Tweets that you’ve liked, and trending topics based on current events and what’s popular in your area. It’s much more refined and personal, which theoretically should help you find better accounts to dig into.

The update is hitting iOS and Android apps today, so go to Google Play to grab it.

Play Store Download Link

source: Twitter

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