Samsung might be using Vulkan for a power saving TouchWiz launcher


Vulkan is going to be a very big deal for mobile phones, but it’s going to do more than just improve the gaming experience on your smartphone. While most of the original buzz surrounding the efficient API was centered around lowering CPU overhead so 3D applications could run better and consume less energy, it looks like we’ll start to see that leveraged in simpler applications, too.

During SDC 2016, Samsung engineers discussed how they can use Vulkan to improve performance and battery life for their TouchWiz launcher, which should certainly catch the attention of stock Android enthusiasts. One of the biggest complaints that’s always thrown at TouchWiz every single year is its bloated performance, and while Samsung manages to slightly improve things with each new flagship, it’ll be nice to see Vulkan bring even more efficiency to that endeavor.

While there’s nothing ready for production yet, early tests show that switching to Vulkan instead of OpenGL for a home launcher did things like page scrolling and opening apps around 6% more efficiently in terms of battery consumption. Sounds like a tiny number, but Samsung estimates on a 3,600 mAh battery that would give an extra 40 minutes of battery life to a device. That’s not an insignificant increase.

Don’t expect this to roll out to your Galaxy S7 Edge anytime soon, but there’s a pretty good chance we could see this on the Note 6 and everything else going forward from Samsung.

source: Android Central

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