HTC 10 scores the same as Galaxy S7 Edge in DxOMark’s camera rankings


Whenever a new smartphone is launched, one of the most important questions you can ask is how good is its camera? The question becomes even more relevant when it comes to HTC, because of its hit and miss record with cameras on previous flagships. This time round, though, initial reports suggest that the Taiwanese handset maker has got it right, with DxOMark scoring the HTC 10‘s camera the same as the much-praised Galaxy S7 Edge, achieving 88 out of a possible 100.

Getting the same mark as the Galaxy S7 Edge is great, it really is, but what does the score mean? Well, according to DxOMark, the HTC 10’s 12MP UltraPixel camera has a fast and accurate autofocus in all conditions, good exposure, good noise reduction in low-light conditions, a good white balance, accurate colour rendering as well as preserving very good details in all conditions when taking stills.

On the down-side it’s reported that there is a loss of sharpness in the corners compared to the centre, outdoor pictures can sometimes be slightly blown out, and when using the flash by itself, there is some noise and attenuation in the corners.

When recording video, the handset is said to offer good stabilisation and exposure, good white balance with a fast, accurate autofocus. On the flip-side of the coin, there’s some residual motion in walking movements, visible luminance noise in low-light conditions along with an occasional instance of failing to focus when panning.

It’s good great to see the HTC 10 competing with and matching its competitors in this area. After the disappointment in previous years, the HTC 10 needed to compete against the best, and in theory at least, it does. Now, it’s just a question of waiting for Justin’s review of the HTC 10, to see how the camera fares in the real world.

Source: DxOMark

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