Motorola launches quirky Moto Dojo ad campaign to showcase Moto X Pure features


While Motorola’s latest flagship, the Moto X Pure, may not be the newest of flagships currently on the the market, that doesn’t mean Motorola is done trying to get you to purchase its phone. Today Motorola just released four new advertisements showcasing some of the cool features that the Moto X Pure comes equipped with, and they are… well… quirky.

All four ads are part of the new Moto Dojo ad campaign. Each ad features a goofy, overacting, karate master performing various karate moves to showcase some of the different features that the Moto X Pure comes with.

The first ad is called Moto Dojo: Voice of Fury. In this one the quirky karate master rips his karate pants and uses the voice control capabilities of his Moto X Pure to order him a replacement pair.

Next we have Moto Dojo: Fly Capture. This is obviously a play off of the Karate Kid scene where Mr. Miyagi instructs the Karate Kid to capture a fly with a pair of chopsticks. Instead of chopsticks here the karate master has a Moto X Pure as his tool, and utilizes the unique twist shutter control gesture to snap a picture of a passing fly.

The third film in the series is called Moto Dojo: Break Time. Here we see our man wave his foot over the screen to wake up the display revealing the time which is 11:11. He then makes a wish to break the board and is ultimately successful.

The last in the series is titled Moto Dojo: Flash On, Flash Off, another parody of the Karate Kid. Here the karate master showcases the unique karate chop like gesture that you can perform to turn the flash on and off.

These ads are pretty darn goofy and all in good fun. While they don’t take the conventional route, they do a pretty decent job of showing off some of the unique features of the Moto X Pure while giving us a quick chuckle.

About the Author: Ryan Rabea

Born and raised right outside of Philadelphia, Ryan recently defected to the west, now residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh studying political science. Ryan loves all things political, with aspirations to attend law school in the Fall, followed by a career in the world of politics. When not debating politics or hunkered down studying in the Cathedral of Learning, you can find Ryan having an epic catch or wandering God’s country, Pittsburgh’s South Side. In addition to politics, Ryan has loved Android ever since getting his first Android phone, the HTC EVO 4G, almost 6 years ago. Currently though, Ryan sports a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but he can hear that Nexus 6P calling his name.