The View-Master 2.0 is an updated virtual reality headset coming this Fall


Last year Mattel unveiled a more sophisticated virtual reality headset to enhance the experience of what those who had Google Cardboard. Mattel just announced a new View-Master virtual reality headset to arrive this fall that will include a few tweaks over last year’s model.

The View-Master 2.0 will endure a small price bump over last year’s model, increasing from $30 to $40. The headset will include a new adapter that will support a much larger range of devices, accommodating those with bigger/smaller smartphones. The new headset also brings a headphones jack so that users won’t have to rely on the speakers of the phone for audio. The headphone jack will work so long as the port is on the top or bottom of your device.

The last added feature is a focus wheel allowing you to adjust the lenses for a clearer image. Thankfully, this generation View-Master won’t sporadically pop-open, and promises to stay shut to keep your smartphone from dropping. Hopefully we’ll get to try it out later this year.

Source: View-Master (Twitter)
Via: Toyland

  • Scott Gordon

    hand set? what hand set?

    • mjjmal

      when they say hand they mean phone