Leaked images shows the front and rear of the Galaxy S7


As we edge closer to the official unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets, it’s getting to the point that we know almost everything about them. Today’s leak brings us images of the Galaxy S7’s front and rear, with an interesting factoid thrown in to spice things up a little. Join us after the break for more details.


The leaked images come courtesy of pisapapeles.net, who managed to get their hands on a display model. As you can see from the image above, the Galaxy S7 follows on with the same design language as the S6, but with more refinement. The bezels appear slightly thinner and the camera bump on the rear of the handset is less pronounced.

According to the site, the Galaxy S7 does not feature USB Type-C, instead, it carries on with the normal MicroUSB port. That’s a little disappointing if correct. When you are paying over the odds for the latest and greatest smartphone, you do expect it to feature the latest, most up-to-date hardware.

Still, according to previous leaks, it would seem the Samsung has at least listened to its fans by putting a larger battery in both S7 models, with the S7 thought to carry a 3,000mAh battery, and the S7 Edge a 3,600mAh.

If you can’t wait for the announcement, you can always download the leaked stock wallpapers from the Galaxy S7 Edge to give your current device a makeover. Has Samsung got anything left up its sleeve to surprise us at the launch on February 21st?


Source: Pisapapeles
Via: nowhereelse

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  • Alan Goldman

    I guess all smartphones are going to look more or less the same for some years to come. Hard to get excited about any of them. A bit faster, a bit better camera, same bla, bla, bla….

    • Peter Holden

      Yup, I think you are correct. The days of someone like HTC producing a design like the Hero with its legendary chin would appear to be long gone. The colours and dimensions may change slightly nowadays, but the handset will still be a flat slab.