You can download the leaked Galaxy S7 edge wallpapers right here

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As is often the case with mobile phone launches, the leaks and rumours increase in frequency the closer we get to the launch date of said device. In this case, we are talking about the launch of Samsung’s latest flagships, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that will be unveiled on February 21st. Today’s leak has purportedly given us the stock wallpapers from the Galaxy S7 edge.

The leaked wallpapers come courtesy of SamMobile forums user, J.K Shine, and oddly enough, come in two slightly different resolutions – 2560 x 2560 and 2240 x 2240. As with all leaks, there is some slight doubt as to whether the wallpapers are 100% legit, but they do look the part.

There are 13 wallpapers in all, and you can right-click, choose Open In A New Tab and then right-click the resulting image and select Save Image. If you’d like to download the whole caboodle in one shot, just click here and download the ZIP file from Google Drive which comes in at around 18MB. One thing you may notice about the wallpapers is that despite the fact that they all have a blue element to them.


Source: J.K Shine (SamMobile Forums)

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