Google erases memory of Glass


Looks like Google might be trying to wipe the memory of Google Glass from the popular consciousness.

Google seems to have wiped all the content from the social media channels associated with Google Glass. The Glass Explorers group on Google+┬áhas been completely erased, while Glass’ Facebook and Twitter have been deleted completely.

Though there was a lot of hype surrounding Google Glass, concerns over the ability to use the smart glasses to take surreptitious photos and video, as well as concerns about hacking, kept it from ever taking off. The product was also banned from many movie theaters over piracy concerns.

While Glass never achieved any semblance of mainstream success, Google is known to be working on a new version of its smart glasses, though it likely won’t bear the Glass name.


  • Blane Stroud

    There was never even a consumer model. There was no product that could “take off”. It was a concept available to enthusiasts and developers.