Twitter bringing Periscope broadcasts directly into Tweets


Twitter introduced Periscope as a way for people to reach tons of users by broadcasting live video. The app allows Twitter followers to talk directly to the person streaming, and it’s gathered up millions of users since its launch. But like any good product, Twitter is looking at ways to make its live streaming experiment even bigger.

It looks like the next big change for Periscope will be the ability to view streams directly in your Twitter feed, skipping the app altogether. Currently, if you try to watch a Periscope video in the Twitter app, you’ll be redirected to the full application. This change should allow users to check out the video stream without having to leave Twitter or download a separate app.

This could be good and bad for Twitter, since it seems like it removes the Periscope app from the equation and bakes the features right into Twitter. This means fewer Periscope downloads, but potentially more Twitter usage. Considering users will still likely need a Periscope account to talk and interact and do more than just view a broadcast, though, there’s still a reason to have the actual Periscope app up and running.

These new features should be hitting iOS devices very soon. The development team plans on releasing things to Android users and the rest of the web as soon as the features are ready, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer.

source: Twitter

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