Esna Agenda makes meetings and conference calls a lot easier

Esna Agenda icon

If you are a person who has lots of online business meetings or conference calls then you already know how many problems can occur. Esna Agenda aims to make them much easier by bringing everything into one place.

With Esna Agenda you get a full agenda app where you can write down your meetings, their times, and the dates. Where it really shines is making conference calls. After you have scheduled a meeting it allows you to directly join it by phone through the app in just one click. It can join virtually any type of conference call you may have as it supports WebEx, Scopia, Hangout, and a few others.

Some features it includes are:

– Dial into conference calls with just one click
– Join WebEx, Scopia, Hangout and other web meetings
– See a complete view of your days events and meetings
– Receive notifications and call alerts
– Take text and voice notes and share them with others
– Works with multiple calendars simultaneously

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