nullDC Emulator Brings Sega DreamCast Love To Your Android Phone

Longing for those Sega DreamCast days? Long no more! Once again we see that Google is showing just how flexible and diverse the Android platform can be. Thanks to drk|Raziel and his blood, sweat and tears, Android lovers all over the world can play their once favorite classics right on their mobile device.

As you can see in the videos the emulator’s frame rate can use improvement but it’s easy to note that there is definitely great potential here. Check out the videos for these well familiar classics; Power Stone, Crazy Taxi, and Dead or Alive 2. As per Raziel’s blog, he’s attempting to port this over to a tablet. Awesome Game Console Emulator + Improved Frame Rate + 7”-10” Tablet = Android Bliss. What games would you like to see ported? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Also, continue after the break to check out a couple videos.

  • jmgconcepts

    I think one of the two console games that made the largest impact on my gaming experience in the dreamcast era would be marvel vs falcon 2, and Tokyo xtreme racer2.

  • Vello14

    How much longer im anxious

  • Christian Rivera

    me 2 cant wait