Microsoft acquires Sunrise Calendar for $100 million


Maker of popular Windows products, Microsoft has reportedly shelled out the big bucks to acquire start-up Sunrise Calendar for a hefty $100 million. Precise details regarding the acquisition haven’t been disclosed by either party, but the report seems to be coming from legitimate sources in the industry.

Sunrise Calendar is a cross platform application which can sync calendar data from Google, iCloud and even Microsoft Exchange. There are Windows and Mac variants of the app as well, so it’s one of those apps which practically anybody can access.

This is a strategic move by Microsoft in acquiring one of the popular calendar applications going around. It is being said that Microsoft might keep Sunrise independent, although it goes without saying that some of its technology will be used by the Redmond giant.

Given that Microsoft is touting its new Office products as an entire package rather than individual apps, acquisition of Sunrise (and Acompli recently for $200 million) certainly makes logical sense.

Via: Tech Crunch