GoZoneWiFi to bring free Wi-Fi to NFL cities next year


Getting free WiFi in major cities is no easy task. Even when there is a service offered, most of the time the signal comes from outside polls, which doesn’t work to well indoors. A new player, GoZoneWiFi, is looking to change that with an inside-out strategy.

They partner with bars and restaurants, referred to as “hosts,” that install the equipment for free. When users log in, ads will show up via splash pages. It’s a win-win for everyone. The advertisers can geo-target their customers, the establishments can tout free Wi-Fi, and the consumer gets good quality access to the internet. The host establishment can also send coupon codes to all users on the network.

GoZoneWiFi already has offerings in Miami, but they are targeting 25 NFL cities next year.

The dream of free Wi-Fi everywhere might be a long way off, but with new strategies such as this, we are only that much closer.

source: Fierce Wireless

  • JPB

    How closely are they defining “NFL Cities”. For example, will they be providing this for East Rutherford, New Jersey but not for New York City proper?