The Weather Channel app gets design overhaul in latest update

weather channel app

The Weather Channel app has gotten a pretty major design overhaul in its latest update on the Play Store, bringing a much simpler, cleaner, and easier to use interface to the app. The app also picked up a few extra features, so it’s not a purely cosmetic update, either.

The full change log for the update is below.

–Complete redesign: More beautiful & easy-to-use.
–Social Weather: Report your weather to us. To complete your report, remember to take a photo and share it with your friends! (PHONE ONLY)
— You can also activate an always-on temperature.
–Navigation: swipe down to view details
Hit the link below to grab the update.

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Play Store Download Link

  • Hugh-Janus

    I got this update on thursday night or friday morning, liking the new look.

  • Daniel Schless

    .. . and the app is still littered with lots and lots of ads

  • david_cardamone


  • Çyrënå

    I dont like the layout. You have to scroll down forever to find forecasts and things that were readily available with a quick tab tap or swipe. Also their weather icon in the notification tray doesnt work anymore. Prior to the update it would refresh very few minutes but now it wont refresh until you go into the app itself and update THAT for the temp and conditions and even still the notification tray & drop down menu stay incorrect for an indeterminable amount of time. I want the previous version back. =(

  • Nate Chavez

    I like this apps, but the widget is ugly