Facebook finally moves all messaging over to Facebook Messenger app


Facebook previously announced that they were planning on splitting messaging off from their main application solely into the Facebook Messenger app, and it looks like that day has finally come. Up until now, users had a choice between sending messages through either the Facebook app or the Messenger app, but now users trying to communicate through Facebook will be prompted to download Messenger to continue sending and receiving Facebook messages. Love it or hate it, that’s how it’s going to be moving forward.

On the bright side, the Messenger app works better than the main Facebook application, and it has several extra features that make the experience much better for users. Unfortunately for those of you that liked managing all of your Facebook in one application, you’re now going to have to get used to jumping in between apps to keep up with everything. That might be annoying for some people, but it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of Messenger’s awesome Chat Heads, at least. And if you use the mobile version of the site (or only browse Facebook from a desktop or laptop) you won’t be forced into downloading a second app or program. Not yet, anyway.

What are your thoughts on Facebook forcing this change?

source: TechCrunch

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    Foursquare is fucked, Drive is fucked, now Facebook app is fucked up. What next?

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