Samsung doesn’t think iPhone fans should wait 2 more months for a bigger iPhone


When it comes to the iPhone, Samsung has never beaten around the bush. They think they have a superior product and they have mocked iPhone users for a while now. In their latest commercial, it’s all about the display size.

Apple has always been behind the times when it comes to the display. It was only about two years ago, when they finally bumped up the iPhone to 4-inches from 3.5-inches. Apple is expected to finally release something that is closer to the norm in September. The iPhone 6 will mostly likely sport a 4.7-inch display. Samsung thinks that iPhone fans should stop the waiting and just go and buy a Galaxy S 5.

With only about 2 months to go, is this really an effective ad? Does Samsung really think that the diehard Apple fan will just switch now after already waiting a few years? Highly unlikely, but we love Samsung’s commercials so check it out below.
  • jamesinkorea

    Samsung needs to stop trying to compete against the iphone and focus on innovating with their own practical ideas.