According to benchmarks, Exynos 5433 Galaxy Note 4 smokes Snapdragon 805


With the newer Snapdragon 805 being all the rage as the processor to beat, other chipsets have a decent uphill battle facing them as they attempt to dethrone the Qualcomm chip. Only one has been able to do that so far, and that’s Nvidia’s Tegra K1. However if benchmarks are to be believed, the second chip to do so is the Exynos 5433. Codenamed “HelsinkiPro” the SoC is said to be an upgraded version of the Exyno 5430 — codenamed Helsinki. See what they did there?


The Exynos 5433 octa-core chip scored 40,303 points in AnTuTu beating the Snapdragon 805 by 2,523 points for the second place spot in AnTuTu’s benchmark. The Snapdragon 805 came in with 37,780.


When comparing both variants — The Snapdragon 805 version of the Note 4 versus the Exynos version — side-by-side tests found that the N910C (Exynos) outperformed the N910S (Snapdragon). The benchmarks also suggest that the Exynos chip paired with the Mali-T760 GPU outperformed the Snapdragon 805 in handling of 2D/3D tasks.


The Exynos 5433 CPU is also said to sport ARM Cortex-A53 and A57 cores — suggesting that it’s a 64-bit CPU) and the ARMv8 instruction set hasn’t been found by AnTuTu. This means that the tested unit wasn’t running in a 64-bit environment and performance could reflect as such. This suggests, that higher scores could be achieved once the test has been optimized for it.

Of course, benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt as they don’t coincide with real-world use and as the Note 4 has yet to be released, let alone announced, things could change as we edge closer to September. That being said, for those of you that like to look at these numbers, the Exynos 5433 is looking to be a real powerhouse.

source: AnTuTu
via: G for Games

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  • Major Suave

    According to first hand tests with multiple games our studio handled, the Exynos found in the Galaxy Note 3 smoked the Snapdragon 800 in Unity based games as well. Something that synthetic benchmark will not lead you to believe.

  • ZBlade

    No LTE? Then no thank you. Currently, smartphones are too fast as it is. I got my S4 running at 1.3GHz on all 4 cores and it can handle everything I throw an it. Also, people are still happy with their S3.