New image of LG G Watch surfaces


As the clock continues to tick down to Google I/O and the anticipated launch of the Android Wear powered LG G Watch, we have a new image that has surfaced. This new image shows a shot of the screen prompting the user to “Install Android Wear on your phone” which seems to imply an app will be available to help make the connection between the LG G Watch and your smartphone.

Below the app install prompt, you may notice “G Watch B165″ appears. This seems to be similar to the method used to get a Chromecast up and running and “connected” to your network. In that case, the configuration process for Chromecast displays a code that you verify on your device in order to proceed with entering security credentials.

The other item you might notice in this latest shot is the cable plugged into the charging port on the side of the watch.

source: Reddit
via: phoneArena

  • grdh20

    Sorry, but that little brick is butt ugly….

    • raj


  • Franco Colomba

    Not as ugly as the pebble

  • Wow Really?

    When will they learn no one who seriously wants a watch wants a rubber watch band.. :/

  • Dave_Bernazani

    It looks too small to do much of anything with it, except maybe FaceTime, which would be finally bringing Dick Tracey watches to reality.