LG releases official teaser video for LG G3


With two weeks to go until their big unveiling event, LG has released an official teaser video today for the LG G3. The video does not reveal anything new that we have not already seen in all the leaked images and rumors. We do see LG’s new tagline for their marketing for the new flagship device – “Simple is the New Smart.” We will have to see how that translates to actual features and usability when LG reveals the smartphone.

Hit the break to check out the official video from LG. Are you looking forward to the new LG G3?

  • jack

    Wow. I already love it. I know the screen size is 5.5, but im really excited to see how big the actual phone will be with those super small bezels and the screen covering most of the phone

  • Justin_Herrick

    I’m excited. Very excited.