Android 4.4 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S 3 could arrive by May


While most of the newer devices have already received Android 4.4, owners of slightly older devices have kept waiting. For owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy S 3, that wait might not be much longer. A Samsung customer managed to get a hold of someone from tech support, who confirmed that Samsung is expecting to launch the Android 4.4 update on the Galaxy Note 2 somewhere in mid-April, and for the Galaxy S 3 by early May.

These time-frames are for the Korean variants of these devices, but devices in the rest of the world shouldn’t be that far behind.

Via: G for Games



  • polo550

    That’s funny because the Verizon Note 3 or GS4 hasn’t even sniffed Kit Kat. Feel bad for GSIII and Note 2 owners on Verizon. They’ll be waiting until Christmas

  • Dvoraak

    As long as you have 4.2.2 or above…. be content. KitKat isn’t much of a step forward and in some ways it takes a large step back in the interest of higher security. Google is slowly locking this thing down.