New HTC One (M8) shows up on eBay with retail box and it’s not called what you think it is


Ever since it was leaked that HTC was going to refer their new flagship (the M8) as the “All New HTC One,” everyone jumped on it like it was going to be the official name. There was no way HTC was going to make the actual official name the “All New HTC One,” but they will refer to it as such because, yes, it literally is the “All New HTC One” isn’t it?

HTC will indeed call their new flagship the same name as last year, which is the HTC One. How do we know this? Well the said phone showed up on eBay, and the retail box was shown (Verizon version). Nowhere on the box will you find, “All New HTC One.” Instead, you will see “HTC One,” just like last year. So the media and consumers will likely refer to it as the HTC One 2014 just like we refer to the newer Nexus 7 as the Nexus 7 2013.


Going back to eBay, the phone sold for $499, which I would say is a pretty good price. Plus, it was 32GB. I highly doubt it will be less than $599 off contract at Verizon when it launches. At first, I thought that the seller was actually selling the 2013 edition, but the listing details specs that aren’t on the 2013 edition and it clearly says 2014 edition.

Cheers Luke

source: eBay

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • radiotrib

    so it is the all new “HTC One” and not the “All New HTC One” … heh heh … doh

  • winter_hat

    Another great phone from HTC….that won’t sell.

  • digitalhigh

    It’s so sad how right winter_hat is. I absolutely love my current HTC One, and it’s mind-boggling why people would choose samsung over HTC…

  • м ч × Φ м α † ● s €

    wait.. I see something tiny floating to the upper right of the word ‘one’.. not sure though, ’cause I can’t see it clearly.. is it a 2 or just a TM or (R) or something?

  • Blett

    I for one love the HTC one ….”but” I need a removable battery and SD card. I realize that not everyone feels the same. As nice as the One is and as well as its designed that’s what would get me to pull the trigger on it. Aso a better camera no matter how they market it a 4 megapixel camera just isn’t going to cut it.