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Sony 2014 flagship device rumors come to light


With both 2014 and then CES 2014 ready to take over our calendars, rumors about flagship devices from major Android device manufacturers are starting to fly around like confetti over Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The latest news comes from Chinese site Digi-Wo which claims to have information about a couple potential flagship devices from Sony. The two devices are codenamed “Sirius” and “Canopus” and appear to be ready to be announced during the first half of 2014.

The Sirius device is supposed to be a 5.2-inch device with at least a Snapdragon 800 processor and 4G support. The device could be announced as soon as next week’s CES. Meanwhile, the “Canopus” device may be a little smaller with only a 5-inch screen and a Snapdragon 800 or 805 processor. Oddly, Digi-Wo indicates this device will have “no mobile version.” The early word on the Canopus is that it will be released in early May.

No information has surfaced as to whether Sony will bring either of these devices to market with a 2K display. That seems to be the standard most manufacturers are shooting for with their flagship devices.

Are you interested in what Sony can bring to the table in 2014 and where it may be available?

source: Digi-Wo
via: G for Games