Widget for Hangouts developed by XDA senior member, now available in the Play Store

Hangouts Widget

Hangouts has taken the Android messaging system by storm since its release a few months back. It’s a great application that we’re sure will continue to catch on as future builds of Android are released.

However, there was always something missing: a widget.

Although not a Google-developed solution, XDA senior member RSenG2x has released the widget we’ve all been looking for to the Play Store. It looks great, and allows you to instantly preview and create messages. It only lets you see new Hangouts, though, due to limitations in the Android OS, and it only works on devices with Android 4.3 or higher installed— it’s a bit limited, but more functionality is sure to come in the future. (You’ve also have to have Hangouts installed on your device before using the widget, obviously.)

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