Samsung may release PadFone type device in 2014


Samsung may have an interesting device to unveil in 2014 if some early benchmarks turn out to be true. A Samsung device with the model SM-G900F passed through an AnTuTu benchmark, with one benchmark showing a 1080p screen and a GFX benchmark showing a 2k screen. Normally, devices only have one screen resolution, unless we’re talking about something similar to Asus’s PadFone design. The phone would have the lower resolution screen and the tablet would have the higher resolution screen. Samsung recently filed for a patent for a smartphone device that docks into a bigger tablet, called the Samsung Hit, so this could very well be the form factor they are interested in pursuing in 2014.

At this point, it’s tough to say exactly what Samsung is going to show off next year, but hopefully we’ll get a taste at CES in January.

source: Kopen GalaxyS5

via: Phone Arena

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    If it so,can Samsung pls try a little bit harder with there brainless brains,STOP copying!!!!others ideas and then call it there’s,so not cool:O:O