Nexus 5 gets slight revision with improved buttons and larger speakers

nexus 5 revision 1

Google is now selling a “new” version of the Nexus 5 with a few tweaks. No, it doesn’t mean it’s an entirely new Nexus device, unfortunately. Google and LG have slightly tweaked a few things about the Nexus 5 to make a better device. This happens to many devices, it’s just rare that they get much press about it. When we’re talking about a device aimed at Android enthusiasts, though, you can expect those “slight” adjustments to be noticed pretty quickly.

The most major things you’ll notice are larger holes for the speaker at the bottom of the device and some adjusted buttons. Many users reported loose or rattling buttons on the Nexus 5, but the new ones appear to be a bit more stiff and more sturdy, which is definitely a good thing. You can see the small changes in the pictures below.

source: XDA

via: PocketDroid

  • klingercrazy

    Is there any version numbers or any way to identify newer model?

    • mankulito

      why u need it, if it looks the same to u?

      • klingercrazy

        why wouldn’t I want the updated version, better sound for one thing. Its been updated for a reason duh. I would like the old unimproved version please – said no one ever! what a stupid comment!

  • Tariq

    Would Google swap out nexus 5s of people who already purchased it?

    • Eastern37

      No, as the article says this happens all the time. If no one pointed it out there’s no way you would know about it!

  • MerkurMan

    Hard to tell from the pictures but it appears that the new buttons don’t stick out from the chassis quite as far, or have slightly rounded edges on them. That would be a boon for case installation and removal, seeing as how I shudder when a case grabs the buttons as it’s coming on or off my N5, and I fear that someday I’ll damage them.

  • Thomas Jonson

    i have the white one and had never any problem with the buttons. Whatever. I really doubt that the bigger holes will make better sound. It will only let more dust and Humidity into the Device. Nothing more.