Samsung cuts forecast 2014 smartphone sales down to 330 million


Samsung has always been pretty ambitious with what it hopes to sell in the smartphone market, and we’ve already seen them forced to cut back sales projections to avoid scaring investors, even though Samsung’s sales are figures that most other OEMs can only dream about. This year, it looks like Samsung is trying to temper expectations right from the start.

For 2014, Samsung originally expected to sell 360 million smartphones. After seeing increased competition and smartphone market saturation this year, Samsung has decided to pull that number back to just 330 million. 2013’s estimates for 290 million, so Samsung still expects to move a ton of phones, but I think they realize that once everyone has adopted a phone, growth rates will slow down. To counter that, you can bet Samsung is going to make good on their promise to double down on the tablet market next year to offset slowing growth on the smartphone side of things.

Do you guys agree? Are smartphones at the point now where consumers will keep their phones for two or three years instead of trying to upgrade as soon as the next big things hits the shelves, or is Samsung just losing their edge?

source: ETnews

via: GforGames

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy Note products period. As i have always said Samsung is android period.

  • m.rijn

    Wanneer komt er een verbeter versie van de Samsung galaxy mega 6.3 graag een reactie