Samsung SM-G900F is latest Galaxy S 5 or F Series candidate to show up in benchmarks


Now that we are heading into the winter season, the Galaxy S 5 leaks should start multiplying. We already saw the SM-G900S show up in GFXBench, and now we have the SM-900F. This one showed up in Browsermark, but no details were specified other than it was running Chrome version 28 (a little older than the current version 31). Even with the older version, it came in as the 3rd fastest device globally.

With the F Series being confirmed as a separate line, one has to wonder if the “F” means that his phone is indeed an F Series device and last week’s SM-G900S is the Galaxy S 5 since it has a “S” in it. This rumor and leak train is just leaving the station folks, so stay tuned for a lot more in the coming months.


source: Browsermark
via: Phone Arena

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  • jim

    F stands for fake as fook