Don’t expect to see the Galaxy S 5 before April 2014, F Series still in development stage


There have been a number of reports saying the Samsung Galaxy S 5 would be released a little earlier than normal, but Eldar Murtazin says that it’s slated for the end of April 2014. This is pretty close to what happened with the Galaxy S 4. It was unveiled in Radio City Music Hall on March 14th, and was available for purchase in late April. If you think about it, it would be tough for Samsung to release the GS5 any earlier considering that it might sport a 2K display and either a fingerprint scanner or eye scanner.

Eldar was also asked about the often rumored ultra high-end F series. He said it is real, but still in development. We have heard the F Series would include devices with flexible displays, so I would say we still have a ways to go until we see anything concrete.

source @eldarmurtazin