Samsung preparing to produce 560 ppi displays in 2014 smartphones, Galaxy S5


Just as the competition to manufacture the best television display was booming just a few years ago, the same is now happening with smartphones. Samsung is reportedly planning to release phones next year that have a pixel density as high as 560 ppi on screen sizes as low as 5-inches. That’s 2560 x 1440 resolution.

The AMOLED panels may first show up on the Galaxy S5. Samsung Display CEO Kinam Kim confirmed the rumors, and it wouldn’t be wild to guess that this resolution will come to tablets soon enough as well.

Sure, you might argue that that’s way too small for the human eye to tell the difference, but the numbers will be where it’s all at.

Via: SamMobile
Source: OLED.AT

  • Marvin the paranoid android

    I can tell the difference between 300dpi and 600.

    • mankulito

      you and few eagles :D