BBM for Android to hit Google Play today in phased rollout


Blackberry has announced they are “resuming” their rollout of the BBM for Android app. According to a post on their blog, the official app should start to appear in the Google Play store and some Samsung App Stores in the next few hours. Just grabbing the free app from Google Play will not get you where you want to be if you are planning to use BBM for Android as they are deploying it in phases. In order to actually use the app, you have to open it and enter your email address to hold a spot in a virtual line that Blackberry is creating. Once your name hits the top of the list, you’ll be notified that you can start using the app. However, if you had already signed up at in the past, you will be able to start using the app right away.

According to Blackberry, about six million people already signed up for information about BBM clients and one million Android users grabbed the unreleased version of BBM in just seven hours when it was briefly available earlier this year. It seems there is certainly some demand for the messaging platform on non-BBM devices despite continued advances by others like Google with their own ecosystems.

Let us know if you are able to get the app and start using the service.

source: Blackberry

About the Author: Jeff Causey

Raised in North Carolina, Jeff Causey is a licensed CPA in North Carolina. Jeff's past Android devices include an HTC EVO, a Samsung Note II, an LG G3, and a Motorola Moto X Pure Edition along with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1. He currently uses a Samsung Galaxy S8 and (very rarely) a Nexus 7 (2013). He is also using a Verizon-branded Motorola Moto Z Play Droid supplied by his job. Jeff used to have a pair of Google Glass and a Moto 360 Sport in his stable of gadgets. Unfortunately, his kids have all drunk the Apple Kool-Aid and have i-devices. Life at home often includes demonstrations of the superiority of his Android based devices. In his free time, Jeff is active an active runner usually training for his next marathon, owns a MINI Cooper, and plays Dungeons & Dragons. Jeff has three mostly grown kids and a golden retriever.

  • anonimus

    cant find it on the play store D:

    • Rifqi Al Fariz

      Guess what? That means your device is not compatible with bbm. Just like mine!

      • anonimus

        i have an HTC one X and i have it, there was a delay for my country :D

  • Justin_Herrick

    Just got it installed. Have to wait in line for the email to say it’s ready to be used.

    • tositem

      You can switch it off from the setting

      • Justin_Herrick

        Right. I did that but now what if I get messages? I won’t know! haha

        • tositem

          Let’s hope the dev team will have it removed in next update 8)

  • Justin_Herrick

    Strange. It took my phone to the Play Store’s desktop website and I installed that way.

    • tositem

      Just downloaded it. Guess the server was busy. Let’s see if this famous msgr (at least in my country, Indonesia) will help me stay connected with friends. Woot!

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    I got it on Gogle Play. Still have to get it install on my cell when I will get a connection. I don’t have any connection. I installed it through the web interface of Google Play.

  • Paa Kwesi Mensah

    working on my galaxy star
    got it from samsung app store

    • Abd Elrahman Bakr

      please tell me how i can`t do it

  • Kary

    Is the Samsung S4 hardware Big Bowel Movement compatible?

    Stated differently, a basic rule of journalism is that you explain in the article what you are talking about. That sometimes means explaining what is obvious to 90% of your readers. This article fails that rule.

    • Rory

      A basic rule of being a reader is being intelligent enough to be able to figure out things for yourself.

      You should probably know that Blackberry would have to be completely clueless to make their new Android app incompatible with one of the most popular smartphones in the world, running the most recent version of Android available, with some of the best internals on the market.

      Why don’t you just try to download it for yourself? You’ll see if it’s compatible.

      You can’t expect an author to force-feed you specific information about your specific device. It’s simply childish and ignorant.

      Either way, why does it matter to you if it’s compatible? You clearly have a problem with BBM, since you call it “Big Bowel Movement,” like the condescending jackass you are. If you don’t use/like it, why do you care?

      I’ve read some of the other comments you make on this site and you say nothing but garbage. Please keep your mouth shut because you have nothing constructive to say.

      • Kary

        Wow, rather ironic that you make a comment about intelligence when you totally missed the fact that the compatibility comment was a joke.

        I wasn’t really asking if the S4 was compatible. I was pointing out a basic deficiency of the article–discussing a product without even giving the name of the product. Using an abbreviation without giving the full term.

        And I’m sorry if you consider not trying to raise the bar of the tech press constructive. The tech press is pathetic.

        • jcauseyfd

          According to the (now available) Google Play listing as well as Blackberry’s own blog post, the name of the app is BBM.

          • Kary

            Now that is a valid argument. Still every other article I’ve seen has mentioned the full name.

            If BBM is the name, I guess we now know why RIM is where it is today. Way to NOT squeeze every last bit of goodwill that the Blackberry name might have.

        • Johnny A

          Then you should probably do something about it instead of continuously whining in the comments section of a website like a little child.

    • Arnie

      Are you a child? Or just a sniveling little bitch? I can’t tell.

      • Kary

        I’m just trying to raise the bar a little here. The tech press in general sucks.

        I do sometimes get annoyed by how much basic background detail an article goes into, but when one has absolutely none, I wonder why the person is employed.

        • Lucas

          I never heard of this Big Bowel Movement; Black Barry Messenger instead…
          So I think you is the one needing give some background here.

          BTW The text starts talking about Blackberry, so guess the one of both this article talks about. ^^

          • Kary

            BBM was not ever explained in the piece. It left the user guessing. So Big Bowel Movement was a joke. That should have been obvious that it was a joke.

            I knew what BBM was, but I also pointed out the journalistic failures of the author.

  • komeh

    I got it and have been using it smoothly. Thanks BB.

  • marco

    Finally! I can chat on BBM with some blackberry loyalists that I know. Hahaha. Thanks BlackBerry Team! :)

  • Goolio

    how to download it on a htc desire c without a sd card ? plzz help !

  • gromiko

    still can’t connecting… not even till set up e-mail… it’s said my connection is lost

  • Ashk

    Goolio- you can’t download it on htc c bbm isn’t compatable with it unfortunately, having the same problem, nothing to do with your sad card just htc c doesn’t support it