Samsung has shipped over 38 million Galaxy Note devices, expects Note 3 to top 10 million


Samsung’s Galaxy Note line strikes an odd chord with consumers. Some consumers love it for the incredibly high-end hardware and enormous screen, others think it’s too big and just silly. Regardless of that split, it hasn’t stopped Samsung from shipping over a combined 38 million Galaxy Note devices since they were introduced a few years ago, according to JK Shin at IFA.

38 million is nothing to sneeze that. That’s a pretty sizable chunk of Samsung’s business, and while some of Samsung’s other devices may sell better or faster, the Note is clearly a profitable staple of what Samsung does. However, the one thing that wasn’t really made clear was if that number also includes tablets. The Note 10.1 seemed like a pretty cool device that did well, but I seriously doubt it sold anywhere near its phone counterparts, although I think Samsung is going to try to change that with their latest offering.

On top of those 38 million, Shin expects the Note 3 to sell 10 million units, which definitely sounds doable considering each Note model has seemingly been more successful than its predecessor.

source: SamMobile

  • subi kerala

    Am waiting note 3
    Now using note2

  • Mystic Merlin

    I’ve got the S2 & my contract ended on 20th August & so now I can have any phone (when it’s available of course lol) & I’ve had to wait until the Note 3 had come out & I wanted to see what the Sony Z1 was like. Anyway, I’m very pleased with the specs on the Note 3 although if I were to be highly critical then I think that they should’ve increased the RAM to 4GB & have the internal storage option of 128GB as well. I got very excited when I heard that the rear of the Note 3 was going to be leather but then was very disappointed that it was still plastic & faux leather. I’ve already held the Sony Z1 & the feel of the one piece aluminium chassis of it felt fantastic, classy & premium. So that was a let down by Samsung that they didn’t use more substantial premium materials in the build of the Note 3. One rumour that I heard leading up to the launch was that it was going to be made out of Carbon Fiber which I thought at the time would’ve been the trump card for Samsung.
    Now the pricing for the UK that I’ve just read saying that the Note 3 will be £649 to buy & the Galaxy Gear watch £299 to buy. This is my personal opinion & that is that the Galaxy Gear watch will not sell much at that price which really should be the maximum price should be for a phone never mind a watch. The maximum that watch should be is £150 or even £125. I think that the Note 3 is a lot of money when for £649 I’d expect a Laptop, but that’s just my opinion.