Build your own Chromecast receiver with Cheapcast app and an Android device


If you have been itching to give Chromecast a try, but have been thwarted by the backlog for delivery or you just don’t want to spring for the $35 to buy one, a new alternative may be available for you. XDA Developer Maui has developed a fee app called CheapCast that emulates the ChromeCast dongle. The app results in the device it is loaded on to function as the target, just like the ChromeCast does. Users can even change the name of the device. If you have some extra hardware laying around that supports HDMI out, you should be able to hook it up to your TV and let the streaming fun begin.

The app is still in a beta stage, so there could very well be some glitches. Also, support for Tab Casting, the ability to stream the contents of a tab in the Chrome browser, is not yet supported.  However, all other ChromeCast-enabled applications like YouTube, Google Movies & TV, and Netflix should work.

You can check out the proof of concept and an alpha testing video below along with some screenshots. If you want to give it a try, hit one of the download links to grab CheapCast from the Google Play store.

CheapCast – Proof of Concept

YouTube Preview Image

Cheapcast – First Alpha

YouTube Preview Image

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Google Play Download Link