New Samsung Galaxy I7500 Firmware Update Now Available

Samsung have today released a new firmware update for their Galaxy GT-I7500 Android phone.

This new Android firmware update isn’t the Donut update, but is a specific update for the Samsung handset that is believed to provide better device stability and improved battery performance.

Samsung Galaxy Update

Also included in the update is a new app “Switchers”, that allows Galaxy users to switch off/on their GPS,Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity along with auto-sync support from the programs menu.

The new firmware version IH8 is available through Samsung’s New PC Studio which is currently only available for Windows users.

Edit: It appears that some users are experiencing issues with voice calls and data connections after applying the update. If you’re having similar issues we recommend you backup all your phone info/data and perform a hard reset of your handset (Settings -> SD card & phone storage -> Factory data reset).


  • tylerstyle

    Nice!!!!!!!!!! I’ll try this in a few hours then ;-)


  • Gerd

    seems like this update killed my 3g/edge networking, after boot it tells me android/phone is not responding and has to be terminated, after this the 3g or edge icon disapears and i have no networking.

  • admin


    It seems that Hard Reset is fixing the connection issues (just make sure you backup your info first!)

    Settings -> SD card & phone storage -> Factory data reset

  • Gerd

    thanx, i´m trying…

  • Gerd

    ok, that did the trick, lets see what the update is good for ;-)

  • Gerd

    this update solves the flash issue for the camera (flash off before photo taken)!

  • Jorge

    Samsung’s New PC Studio, message error “Device not supporter”
    how i can update my galaxy??

  • Richy

    I assume this will wipe the phone clean? i.e. do i need to backup everyhting to re-load afterwards, or will it preserve my apps etc??

  • Gerd

    @ Jorge

    Had this error too, but when the update came out i just connected my phone and it was recognized

    @ Rich

    The update wont do this, but after you maybe have to do a factory reset and this will wipe the phone. You should backup your Alps and sync all data to Gmail and Calendar.

  • Mike

    oh no… i ran to serius trouble. when flashing with new pc studio from G8 to H8 it said tha all had gone ok. however the phone shows forever “downloading”… after some 30 mins i decided to unplug it from pc. now the phone is not identified at all, like it would have lost all its boot record…

    what can i do? hope the warranty covers this, perhaps i will send the entire phone back to samsung?


  • Nico

    This happened to me during the last update. But after removing and reinserting the battery it booted with the old firmware version and the update worked on the second run.

  • Mike

    You got lucky, i just get the diskette image and “Downloading…”

  • kobak

    I’d like to upgrade, but my phone does not show up in NPS. :-(

  • Jag

    Where can i get the firmware from?

  • seenxu

    @kobak, @Jorge

    the same problem, updater finds no phone to update with, maybe this update still not available in germany?!

  • Kim

    NPS see’s 2x drives and ‘Galaxy i7500’ but when I try to connect it says not supported!!
    Anyone got an idea to fix this, I so want to like this phone but with all these little issues it’s making things difficult…

  • francis

    I have exactly the same problem…”device not supported”…

  • cyril courtney

    I have the same problem: disks are mounted and accessible, Galaxy i7500 appears also but Samsung New PC Studio is completely unable to communicate with it !

  • alan

    I tried three different machines (Win7-64, WinXP32-MCE and WinXP32-Pro) and only one I could get it to run on was the XP32-Pro machine.

  • Taylor

    After speaking to Samsung support, apparently a download will be made available in the coming weeks (before end of Oct), which will enable the Galaxy handset to be updated to the lastest firmware.

    Following this update the Galaxy handset will be recognised by NPS. Any further updates will then be made via NPS.

    Lets hope this is all true.
    keep a check on the samsung website over the coming weeks.

  • Robin

    @Taylor – Thanks for the info, Having the same problem currently with the ‘device not supported’ error message when I go to update it through NPS.
    When samsung release the UK update, will the update option in NPS work, or are we going to have to work around this somehow? The error message appears as soon as I select i7500 from the drop down list in updates…

  • bobertito

    Thanks for advice! I too have issue that “device is not supported” and thus cannot access my phone via the NPS interface. Please let me know if you find a fix!
    – B

  • Taylor

    @Robin – The download will be an executable which will update to the latest firmware. We should only be required to apply this update once.

    Following this initial update the handset can be connected to NPS, which should now recognise the device.

    Any further updates that Samsung UK release (If any) can be received via the NPS update option.

  • Arrgoss

    Hey there,
    Did any of you run into troubles having your Galaxy recognized by PC Studio? I’m trying to update the firmware and I haven’t succeeded :(
    I’ve downloaded the las version of PCStudio (having to leave my Ubuntu for a while), I’ve connected the phone and nothing. Following some tutorials I’ve unchecked the “mass storage only” option in my phone, I’ve also enabled the “USB debugging” option and then XP would start looking for some drivers which couldn’t find…
    I’m stuck here. PCStudio doesn’t recognize my Samsung Galaxy and therefore I cannot update the firmware. Any idea? Help, please!

    PS: I might be an ignorant, but what is NPS? Is there a workaround to update the firmware without the PCStudio?

  • Mike

    i found that my camcorder time has been limited to 1 min. does anyone know how to get it back to the old way. unlimited recording i hate this 1 min shit

  • Kim

    Arrgoss, your problem is one we are all having (How dare Samsung release a phone that doesn’t work eh!).

    If you read those messages before you your’ll see. IO like others have spoken to Samsung, not particularly helpful but did say there would be new software released shortley.
    Please also note that the Firmware update on here does not seem to be from Samsung and may be best left alone as they say they will not help if anything goes wrong.

    Glad to see I’m not alone with these issues on their phones.

  • Kim

    Oh, forgot to mention,,,, You can get access to the phone via WMA if it’s just music, pictures etc you want to load.

  • Rom


    I am also getting an “unrecognized device” error but the NPS displays the GT-i7500. If you have the latest version of the WinXP drivers and the NPS, please let us copy it.


  • eazi

    uk update available now

  • Rom

    @eazi URL please. Thanks.

  • Taylor

    Phone I-7500 now listed. NPS available for download.

  • Robin

    Yes….url please

  • Robin

    Up to date info plus response from samsung:
    Apparently there’s a Carphone Warehouse near where I live which is a ‘samsung service centre’ which I might be able to go to and get them to do the upgrade. Otherwise, just got to keep on waiting…

  • Simon

    I have successfully downloaded the latest NPS, chosen my galaxy from the update menu, updaed the phone which restarted itself without a problem.

    It is still an unsupported device for anything else in NPS.
    I solved the problem of not seeing the phone by
    Settings – About Phone – Additional Settings – and unchecking Mass storage only


    i have just got the galaxy and i cant work out how to switch off the gps network off, so i can just use it as and when needed.can anyone help?

  • Thejory

    Uh, I meant to say, INCLUDING easy GPS on/off.
    Grrr :-(

  • Shew

    Hi People,

    For about 3 weeks i am a proud owner of I7500. It is brilliant phone. In the beginning i had some issues with the standby time of the battery.

    I also have tried updating with PC Studio, which didn’t recognised the phone. After this i installed drivers from the cd, this solved the problem.

    When i tried to update, PC Studio showed me an error.

    Yesterday i went to a service center nearby. They have updated my phone. The update solved all problems. There appeared one problem. Before the update the Galaxy keyboard was turning when you turned the phone. After updating keyboard is not turning anymore.

    Does someone have a solution for this.



  • Joan

    Great job! Can

  • Russell Pfannenstiel

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  • Peter Kruger

    For people experiencing problems with accessing the SD card. This might work.

    Unfortunately the support of Samsung is awfully bad in their help. The only solution they could tell is that the cd was a mistake (it does not work) but had to copy my files to a sd card and then insert the sd card into the device and use the files than. Rediculous that I have to use a sd card when I have 8Gb of internal memory available.

    The solution that worked for me (also partially with New PC studio software delivered with phone).
    1. Connect the phone through usb cable.
    2. On top of the screen (status bar) drag the status bar down (slide down with finger) and click on USB connection.

    After this the extra available memory is accessible from Windows and from New PC Studio.

    Unfortunately still I cannot synchronize the agenda and others. Maybe newer version works. I’ll try.
    Also mp3 files making visible to choose as ringtone. Anybody knows how to act?

  • Stuart Parsons


    This is just a simple setting change, easy to turn on and off as needed. Under settings–>Sound & Display–> Display Settings there is an option for Orientation, just switch that on and the problem should be sorted.

  • Peter Kruger

    Ringtone solved. Just tap and hold the mp3 in music and than in the context menu choose “use as ringtone”.

  • Ben B

    I just wanted to ask, does anyone else find that there is a slight problem with the sensitivity of the keyboard, or is it just the mirror screen protector that I’m using, whichis slightly thicker than usual.

    But, the problem is just in the corners mainly.

    But back to the problem in hand:
    I followed your advice, with the newest PC studio (the 1.4 one) and I changed the setting on the phone and mounted the phone through the drop down bar and the update installed. It’s just rebooting now, so lets see how successful it was.

  • Ben B

    I like the new keyboard. Much easier to use. Still a very slight problem though, but combatted by the layout.

    All worked well.

  • Ben B

    Other than the keyboard,I’m still a little confused as to what exactly the update was. Does anyone know exactly what the differences are?

  • jaspreet singh

    hey guyz i have a samsung i7500 galaxy model but my pcstudios dnt allow me to upgrade my cell it shows device doesnot support, plz help me out

  • Shew

    @ Stuart Parsons

    Dude, thank you very muchos. Now is working again.

  • Diogo

    Hi everyone, i’m having the same problems, windows can’t detect my phone and I can’t update it.

    Does anybody know where to find the usb drivers? Can someone who has the cd send me the drivers to my email?

    Best regards!

  • Setsuna

    Okay, i connected my fone to the pc, slided that bar, and clicked mount. The NPS found ‘Android’, saw it as 2 sd cards/drives watever. When i clicked update,the Update window is missing the bottom half and the right side of the window, anyways, when i clicked Update Device, i dragged the ‘Select the Mobile Phone’ but nothing turns up, plz help~

  • Peter Kruger

    People, please don’t bother any longer about new pc studio. Samsung has stated me that it is not usefull for the Galaxy i7500. The only thing you can do is mounting the sd cards. This however can also be done without new pc studio. In Windows or in Linux. See above posts about mounting the sd cards.

    new pc studio will never support the Galaxy i7500.

    Samsung also has stated that Android 2.x will be released for the galaxy, but could not give a date for this.

  • Setsuna

    ur info sounds so uncredible? if NPC doesn’t work for galaxy, this thread wouldn’t even exist? and wat about all those ppl who updated their firmwares? Just because u cbf trying doesn’t mean other ppl can’t try lol?

  • Peter Kruger


    Sure other people can try. But than they would program their own “PC studio”. I’ve been complaining to Samsung (Netherlands) too, but that New PC Studio will not and never will work with the Samsung Galaxy (even if it was in the box with the phone) was their answer for two times. New pc studio is a common Samsung phone tool, but in fact only for Windows phones. At least that’s what they tell me.

    The positive part is that they did confirm me that an update to Android 2.x will come for this phone. Would be pleasant as Android 1.5 does not support file transfer over bluetooth, but I hope also improvements on the agenda will be included. Appointments like once in 2 weeks aren not possible on the phone itself.

  • wilfred

    Hello can someone tell me how i can zoom on i7500 i am not able to find the same on setting and also under the camera option is it something that we need to download any new application or is it the case that its simply to there.

  • wilfred

    apart from the above question i would also like to know how i can watch movies without buyin a SD card since i already have 8gb of internal memory. Do i need to store the file in a differnt format, if yes, can you provide me with the link so that i can convert the file into the specific format

  • Setsuna

    download ANY VIDEO CONVERTER, set ur profile to MP4, with 480×320 frame size, then move it into ur fone with NPS, and ur done~

  • Setsuna

    but the camera problem occurs to me as well, i can’t zoom lol, i think ur meant to take the picture then crop lol

  • Charles

    i have followed all the said procedures……
    yet NPS says “the device you have selected doesnt support soffware upgrade”…….
    so can someone please summarize the steps to be followed to update the firmware……..
    at last resort i will have to go to a samsung service centre to have my phones firmware upgraded…..

  • Pearl

    I tried to connect the bluetooth but it is not working.Can anyone help me.

  • Peter

    Androïd 1.5 does not support file transfer (I read). If the device is upgraded to v2 than file xfer is supported as far as I know. This is not something from Samsung, but from Android.

    As far as I’m aware now the upgrade to v2 will be coming and I heard it’s expected end of may.

  • jackie

    hi i have a major problem here
    when i turn on my galaxy, it shows the welcoming screen with the word samsung, but then it pauses at android (black background with the word adroid flashing in the middle). I couldn’t turn the phone on or off.
    help pleaseeeeee!

  • Albert Jose Carlos

    Hey’all. How long did it take for you guys to update your phone, Ive ran my phone on update and its almost over 20 minutes now and I still see no changes. The progress bar showed 0% throughout. The phone is still on “updating” I guess. Does it take this long to update?

  • vedran

    i have the same problem as jackie. my mobile stops at word “samsung”

    pls help

  • seshu

    The Android market utility is working only when wi fi is on but not when gprs/edge connection is activated for me..i could use gprs/edge provied by the netwotk to go into internet and surf gmail/google ect but the actual purpose that i got galaxy is for the use Android market and get the applications downloaded..would any one can help me out in this regard…

  • Bryan

    I’m still getting the Device does not support software upgrade. any update on a fix for this?

  • Joe

    This is the worst phone I have ever owned. It is shocking. This is going to leave a very bad mark on Samsung’s reputation. This is probably the last phone I will buy off this company and I would most definitely not recommend their products. Support and updates are ridiculous.

    I can understand why people buy the IPhone. Apple still provide updates to the original IPhone. You get loyalty with that.

  • alexa

    have the same problem as vedran and jackie
    does anyone know how to solve this?

  • Lars Tell

    I had trouble finding the phone in NPS and now I got this download from Samsung that helped.
    You can not find it on their Support-site it’s 1.4.
    I get an info that I can update my phone but when I try, it says that the phone doesn’t support this.
    When you install NPS it says that depending on your country the program support will be different.
    Do you know a Country that is good and allows more features?

  • Lars Tell

    Now you can update to Android 1.6.
    Download the new 169 Mb NPS file from 22 june 2010, which will work but only for update, you can’t even take a backup of the phonebook, so synk whit Gmail to save it.
    Then I had to set country to Germany, otherwise it will not find the update file.
    The only difference is that now swiches has 5 pcs. instead of 4 and a battery info-meny.
    Still it will only work under W-lan and not under 3G.

    Someone asked about the Bluetooth file from Android market.
    I shouldn’t deal with that it’s to complecated because you have to make a new operating system which certanly will fail and you are stuck.

  • Teun


    when i try to put the new firmware on my i7500 the NPS software tells me that i allready have the latest firmware.. but i have II5 on it..

    so how do i get to 1.6 :(

    anyone help me please..

  • goca

    Jackie, Vedran, Alexa did you solved your problem? I have the same problem,too.. Could anyone help please? :)
    i need my phone really :(

  • Peter

    I’ve made a call about an upgrade to Samsung again and this time they responded. Really astonished by their answer. Thought (know for sure) Android is open source and based mostly on the Apache 2.0 license. Beats me and I’m getting tired of this. This certainly is nothing more about open source and freedom of use. I’m not sure if Android will be my choice again in future as hardly anything feels (open source) free in Samsung Galaxy I7500 and Android and currently the little problems and annoyances I have with this Android device (loosing ringtone quite often resetted to default, not being able to choose other alarm sounds, bad notifications of battery low with the result of an unnoticed phone powerdown, restrictions on configuration possibilities of os,….) make me doubt very hard if in future I really should want an Android phone again.

    Below you find the mail exchange (in dutch and translated roughly)

    My question:
    Dutch: Op de website staat vermeldt dat een update naar versie 1.6 beschikbaar is. Als ik New PC studio download meldt deze desondanks dat er geen upgrade nodig is.
    Mijn telefoon heeft echter nog firmwareversie 1.5 smalbandversie I7500XXII5.
    English: On website is stated that an update to version 1.6 is available. New pc studio reports dat no upgrade is necessary. firmwareversion I have is 1.5, smallbandversion I7500XXII5.

    The answer:
    Dutch: Wij hebben inderdaad eenAndroid update voor de Galaxy aangeboden, maar hebben deze in opdracht van Google moeten weghalen.
    Wij en ook andere fabrikanten zijn gedwongen de Android updates van onze websites te verwijderen, maar er is nooit een achterliggende reden vermeld.
    English: we indeed offered an update for Android Galaxy, but had to remove it on order of Google. We and other manufacturers are forced to remove the updates from our websites, without hearing the underlying reason for that.

  • alexa

    @ goca
    i paid 15 eur in the service and everything’s ok now :)

  • alexa

    @ goca
    i paid 15 eur for the repair and everything’s ok now :)

  • danni

    i am trying too update my galaxy portal but when it asks me tooo select phone it doesn’t come up with any selections too choose from therefore i can’t update it, any ideas anyone?

  • nate

    Not sure if this answers any recent questions, but, just got the unsupported battery notification on my Samsung. Here’s the fix.

    When it’s hot and humid like this condensation forms on the connections when brought out of say a cold air conditioned house or car into a warm humid outside temperature. Get a q-tip and swab the connections really good. When you’re finished with that make a small paper shim folded in half, and place it in between the battery and the casing to hold it up against the connections better. Place the shim at the opposite end of the connection on the battery and replace the cover. VOILA!!!

  • sly

    I recently had experience that my Galaxy i7500, has not been popping the dialpad as it suppose to do when I listen for my voicemail. If it does, the key pad does not work properly. Has anyone have this problem. Pls Help………..

  • Waldo

    As others in this forum, I did upgrade firmware with NPS,vers After rebooting, it shows the welcoming screen with the word samsung, but then it pauses before showing the android logo, (black out). I couldn’t turn the phone on or off. Extracting the battery just repeats the cycle.

  • ravz

    hi all,

    I am unable to connect gtalk and google mail in my samsung androin i7500. could any one of you please suggest what might be the reason and solution for it.

  • britbrat

    I have the samsung galaxy i7500 international version and I do not know how to get my Internet to work or my market and t-mobile said since they don’t carry the phone just to google the settings I need to do that. Can anybody help me I’m so confused.

  • Jazel

    For britbrat:

    Maybe the problem is the APN configuration, go to settings/ wireless controls/ mobile networks/ access point names

    If data appears in the APN field; Make sure the t-mobile APN spot is correct (you have to ask t-mobile for the correct configuration or search in the web for the data).
    If no data appears in the APN field you only have to create a new APN (with the configuration for the t-mobile)

  • skinz

    is it 2.1 update or 2.2 because i have succesfully updated this way, but if theres 2.2 ill update to that

  • Brooke

    I need someones help PLEASE!, i put in my sd card but i don`t know where to find the memory i have stored on it, on the phone, HELP?

  • clare

    i have a samsung portal and keep connecting it to my computer to updat it through usb and cant seem to get anywhere nothing is coming up on my phone screen to say usb connected is there a seting on my phone i need to go to?

  • jagadisan

    hai i am using samsung i7500 i am unable to connect to web and also blue tooth device is not working( i change 3 blue tooth device). can anybody help.

  • jacco

    Just follow the news and reviews on htc review the Samsung reviews will be touched also.

    The newest Galaxy S, yesterday on dutch television, is incredable! HTC cannot beat that is my guess.


  • Abilash

    hi pls help me how to upgrade the latest version of android in I7500

  • deep singh

    i hv galaxy gti7500, but i samsung pc studio is unable to read my phone…it says unspported device and more over when i make my bluetooth discoverable it starts countdown time…i tried my best to resolve these problem….i m tried of it ….this is the worst phone i hv seen through out my life…..

  • Pundaleek

    is their any possibility to update OS android 1.5 to higher OS for samsung galaxy i7500?

  • emmas

    I try to backup my i7500 via NPS but it tell me device not supported what can i do?

  • Shadab

    Hi i am using samsung galaxy i 7500 .always it gets disconnected when i mount my usb mode with my pc.
    please suggest me how to solve this problem.

    • Guest

      you should make it correct that your phone is properly connected with the pc.

  • cuong


  • Courtney

    hi . i have a samsung Galaxy but i lost the user manual and i am unsure what i am meant to be downloading off the software disc as there is lots of downloads to choose from . can you help at all ?

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  • Keiffro

    Hello All,

    I have a (Bell) Samsung Galaxy gt-i7500l. I discovered the following and strongly suggest it to everyone – if you dont want to go with Galaxo which is also awesome.

    Flash the phone with odin 3.95, using this firmware I7500XEFJB2. Its the latest one available for this phone from Samsung, as of the date of this posting….at least that I could find.

    This works great, except it will also flash the baseband, so your phone will now be locked.

    Go over to Fastgsm, pay the damn $20 and save yourself a boat load of time, unlock the phone and PEACE !!! you have a factory updated i7500. Donut.XXJB6 kernel 2.6.29 Firmware 1.6

    This works with Bell and Rogers…havent tested any others.

    Last I downloaded and installed google nav and a few other apps. No rooting, no hacking, no “custom” software.

    Works like a charm.

  • gerd symptoms

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  • Kmarree

    Can some one please explain to me how I am ment to update my phone? I have the galaxy s and I have heard you can update manually via the galaxy s II

  • gilbert

    i hav installed kies nd new pc studio for my samsung gt -i7500 but it is not getting connected with it…plz tell me a solution nd even i cannot upgrade the android of it