Robert Downey Jr. joins HTC as ambassador for $12 million


HTC now has Iron Man on their side. Kind of. Bloomberg is reporting that HTC has signed actor Robert Downey Jr. to a two year, $12 million marketing deal. Downey Jr. will be playing himself (not Tony Stark or Sherlock Holmes) in television, print, and billboard advertisements. HTC has nothing to announce yet on a new marketing campaign, so we’ll have to wait for the specifics on how he will be used t.

HTC had a $1 billion marketing budget last year, compared to Samsung’s whopping $10 billion. Hiring one of Hollywood’s top actors is a great move for HTC, who suddenly has to play catch up to Samsung, whose marketing push includes featuring superstar athlete Lebron James.

Source: Bloomberg


  • IT Rush

    wow, this is going to be another blackbuster move for htc..