Google Hangouts “easter eggs” revealed, include ponies and dinosaurs


Google Hangouts has a lot of cool features, including over 800 emoji characters to use. Apparently there are also six hidden “easter eggs,” including ponies, dinosaurs, and the ability to change the background of the chat window. Google employee Moritz Toxdorff posted the above image on his Google+ account, which explains how to use them. All you need to do to experience the magic is type in your desired code into the chat window, and press enter. Right now, these easter eggs only work on the Google+ client of Hangouts, but the Chrome and mobile clients should surely get them soon.

Source: +MoritzTolxdorff

  • Noah

    the konami code, /shydino, /pitchforks, /bikeshed don’t work for me.

    • winner


    • Deathline


    • Bagi

      “cause you’re not on google, I guess.

      • Bagi

        But the KINAMI code doesn’t work for me either.

  • eric

    all of them work for me

  • eric

    if you type in hahahaha in chat, you get a guy laughing, if you type woohoo you also get a guy

  • yeeter420


  • Ria Dali

    if we type lolololololol this long u get a guy laughing