Sales on HTC One great, but not on par with Samsung Galaxy S 4




The Samsung Galaxy S III went essentially unchallenged last year as the top Android phone on the market— but this year, the Galaxy S 4 certainly has some competition.  Consumers have taken quite an interest in the aluminum-clad HTC One, but how is it stacking up against Galaxy S 4 sales? While the HTC One has been selling very well (which is good news for the Taiwanese based manufacturer), the Galaxy S 4 has somehow been selling even better, despite a two week head-start for the HTC One and the lack of a limited distribution that the Galaxy S 4 had, allowing the Galaxy S 4 still stands on top.  

One argument may be that the nation’s largest carrier, Verizon, isn’t carrying the HTC One— however, Big Red isn’t going to be releasing the Galaxy S 4 until the end of the month.  In terms of returns, Sprint employees have stated that more HTC Ones have been returned than Galaxy S 4 models due to blown out speakers and dead pixels.  This could be an issue, but it has yet to become a major problem for the phone’s sales.

Samsung continues its highly successful assault over the television and radio airwaves, releasing its newest ad last week.  We’ll soon see how well the HTC One ends up doing, but until then, what you guys think about HTC’s flagship device?  Which phone do you prefer?  Let us know in the comments!

Source: Examiner

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  • Wedner

    When I first saw the HTC one I thought about switching my evo 4g LTE for it but htc made me change my mind. How can htc valued other manufacturers phone more than its own? Last weekend htc had a trade in sale that didn’t even mention any of its phones but iphone 5, galaxy s3 and LG. What kind of mess is that? They are bringing them selves down.

    • Sinh Truong

      Agreed. My HTC sensation was valued at 50 bucks for tradein. Still flip flopping between the two…

      • superbek

        Do it, you won’t regret it. The One is my third HTC phone. By FAR the best one yet!

    • Brenden

      They want people without HTC phones to which to their brand.

    • SL Carrtel

      They bought back my LTEvo in good shape for $165 and even gave me $100 for my wife’s old Evo slide keyboard phone, so advertising or not, they paid market value.

  • GraveUypo

    “In terms of returns, Sprint employees have stated that more HTC Ones have been returned than Galaxy S 4 models due to blown out speakers and dead pixels.”

    superior build quality… yeah i see

  • bungadudu

    S4 ftw!

  • calib

    I think the design should be changed with a sharper style like windows
    phone app style. i saw some apps in play store and it looks awesome in
    android. i.e.

  • RTWright

    After having an original Evo 4G, dealing with their lame excuses for lack of updates. Dealing with their attitudes, I wouldn’t by an HTC device unless they went completely 360 with a lot of things they do. I’ve stated it several times over, it doesn’t matter too much the material that the device has on the outside, it matters a hell of a lot more of what is on the inside as well the software offerings.

    That being said, I also am not overly excited about the S4, while I do use a S3, the S4 wasn’t that major of an upgrade over my S3. The S4 in my opinion, all material and aesthetics aside, I feel is still the better device over the HTC One. Looks are one thing, but almost anyone buying a high end device is putting it into some kind of case, so it matters not.

    HTC has been it’s own worst enemy for a while. People complained on here about how much a footprint the software and OS on the S4 took up from a 16GB card, I’d wager that same issue resides even on the HTC One, because if there is anything HTC does well? It’s over-bloated UI / OS software that they put on their devices.

    • Unidentified Walker

      I am using HTCs for sooo long time. Maybe just evo had no updates. :-/
      But personally, i can tell you that i have yet Desire HD and it receives updates :) core and UI… the one thing i wouldn’t say about sammy…

      • RTWright

        My SIII gets updates a lot. Just I don’t use stock anymore now, so it doesn’t matter to be honest. HTC all they did was put an aluminum back on something and everyone thinks it’s the BEST ever made and that’s just not the case. It’s all looks, it’s a gimmick just like anything anyone else does. So I’m not sold on it. The only reason I have an SIII is because microSD and removable back. The One X didn’t have that and I refused to buy into this hypocritical nonsense that 16GB is all you need and don’t need the other features. Which is by and large why HTC has suffered. Taking away options has been their thing since the Evo.

        I’m not a defender of any one brand, I’ll use any brand as long as they have what I want. I used the Evo for well over 2 years, the SIII was just a perfect upgrade for me. It had everything ( Except the Kickstand! :P ) that the Evo did and more. The SIII has had several updates, I went back to stock a few times to check them out. I just can’t handle TouchWiz ( For that matter the Windows 8 version of Sense I can’t stand either which is another knock for me against the One ).

        Samsung is #1 for a lot of reasons, HTC could have been but they’ve gone the route of the iPhone and I just will not buy into that. I went with HTC for a reason when I chose them over several others. The One as a whole is a great phone, but I will never sit here and say or agree that it’s the BEST phone because that is period, a matter of opinion and preference. It by NO means is a law!

        I wouldn’t even trade up to the S4 if Sprint allowed me to at this point. So if someone thinks I’m such a diehard Samsung user that I’m going to carry their S4 flag, forget it. I didn’t feel it was a big enough upgrade over the SIII to make me want to drop it and go to the S4. I don’t buy into this ridiculous line of crap that OEM’s shove at us, that you need to upgrade every year. The Cell Phone industry is the WORST at this because that is all they’re about.

        Funny thing is, they have made The One with a removable back and microSD for I believe China? I’m trying to figure out why not everywhere? I don’t care that it didn’t have the aluminum back, because I put my devices in cases because of the Screen. If you drop the HTC One on it’s corner, screen facing down, or practically any other way, it will shatter their screen just like any other due to the glass running edge to edge. So even if I did have The One, it’d be cased. So what it’s made from doesn’t matter unless you’re so stuck up on appearance, being so vanity driven, that you can’t get past it? Then eh, that’s your problem….

  • Pedro.

    The HTC One is such a refreshing change from the “plasticky” opposition.
    It feels so “solid” in the hand. Had mine for 4 weeks now & it’s great, I love it.

  • M42

    I love the HTC, its shape, look, all aluminum body and its fantastic screen and speakers. The S4 looks so yesterday with its uninspired design. Having said all of that as an HTC One owner I have to say that HTC still has problems with reception. They’ve been plagued for years with problems – just do a Google search. This phone is not exception. I came from a Samsung and on the same carrier in areas where the signal was moderate the Sammy performed like a champ delivering two to three bars and great voice quality. The HTC in the same area goes from one to two bars to none and even with two bars the sound cuts in and out. Very disappointing. I checked the decibels to compare apples and apples and the Sammy would be around 87-91, whereas the HTC was 105-107. Not good.

  • gs3togs4

    I have owned atleast 4 htc phones and all had sucky battery life. I’ll stick with samsung.

    • Unidentified Walker

      I am going to have the 5th HTC – One ! :)) All depends on usage, any phone. carry a mobile charges is best thing ever. I brought 5600mAh is enough for a few days ;-) try to get 12000mAh :-D

  • droid fan

    I prefer HTC over sg4 , in design quality etc……samsung its all about millons in marketing , my wife has the sg3 and she wants to change it now in june for the One #1

  • Chris

    HTC One is the future. Sense UI ftw

  • Dre Dre

    HTC one, Loving it. Battery Life is heck of a lot better on the HTC one thus far.

  • bkkbkk

    HTC one, the best use experience, had all the phones , s4; ugly this feels like a superior product in the hand and with the interaction overlsy, perfect. IPhone is so far behind , lets see what I6, holds, better be some break through tech on it.
    S4, who cares,

    Dead pixel posts, typical paid people to ditch competition. Phones don’t get that far on the production line with dead pixels, and speakers blowing with built in protection just doesn’t happen , Samsung anti smear campaigns, sad if you miss this phone, by far the best thing you can get hold of, you’ll love it. I can’t stop playing with it. Selling my iPad now lol.

  • Unidentified Walker

    HTC ONE! Definitely !

  • Oscar Zamora

    Dead speakers? Wow

  • Tyler Hauk

    I can speak from experience and yeah, the One is such a nice phone. It’s as fast and smooth and fun a UI as my Lumia 920, has the apps, build design, and awesome looks as the iPhone 5 (but actually much better), and doesn’t have a bunch of useless gimmicky tricks like the GS4. I roll my eyes every time my gf comes and says “Hey, look what MINE can do” and then never see her use those tricks again, eventually asking me to show her how to shut them all off, lol. Either way, enjoy whatever phone you like, but this is such a good contender. :)

  • Vinod Paryani

    I am using the HTC one for 2 months now… simply loving it

  • Scott

    HTC ONE, best phone in market to date. As a small company owner, I have had every flagship phone, from every company to date and the HTC ONE is ahead of the rest with build and user experience. By a good margin. I absolutely love my HTC ONE! Much more than the s4.
    Please let me tell you, go HTC ONE and you won’t regret it!

  • Elpapi Demami

    Galaxy s4 ofcourse htc sucks thats why I left them long time ago

    • Dave

      well sir tell me why it sucks? is it its beautiful display? amazing speakers? or premium built quality?

  • Tiller

    HTC ONE!!