Samsung releases another “Next Big Thing Is Here” commercial, showing what the Galaxy S 4 can do and the iPhone 5 can’t at a graduation pool party




OK, so the Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone is finally available in stores now and as part of its massive marketing blitz, the Korean giant has started the next phase of its “Next Big Thing Is Here” advertising campaign— naturally showing off just a little of what the impressive smartphone can do and the iPhone 5 well… can’t do.  Taking place at a graduation pool party, a few of the party goers take the opportunity to impress others by showcasing things like the various photography modes, Air View and Air Gestures when your hands are full or messy from eating savory ribs, NFC S Beam to share photos with friends in an instant, and using the smartphone as a TV remote. Of course showing off that the phone is indestructible is not part of the ad, but hey— one step at a time, right?

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    I’m getting this ordering it then getting it on Friday or Saturday but I’m getting purple!!