Car Home for Android gets some updates

If you use Android on the go, chances are you’ve used Car Home on your device. Over at Google Mobile Blog, there has been an announcement that there’s been some great changes to Google’s app.

Car Home has always acted as a voice activated GPS that also handles commands, contacts, and more. But now, with updates to the app, changes include:

  • One-touch access to app information
  • Icon rearrangment
  • Activation of Car Mode after pairing with a specific Bluetooth device
  • Wallpaper customization

Developers also have things a bit easier with the update as well, as apps that support car mode will show in a “Car Applications” category to be added as a shortcut.

The update to Car Home is for Motorola Droids and Nexus Ones running Android 2.2, and can be found by searching “car home” in the market or clicking here on your android device.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

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