Google Fiber officially coming to Provo, UT


Provo mayor John Curtis took to the podium this afternoon to officially announce the “epic” news that Google Fiber is coming to Provo, UT. According to the deal that was announced, Google Fiber will offer free Internet service for any of Provo’s 115,000 residents who are currently on the existing iProvo network for a mere $30 activation fee for up to 7 years. Google will upgrade the existing network to Gigabit technology as part of the project and when the upgrade is complete, residents will be able to upgrade their service to Gigabit level.  Google is also offering to provide free Gigabit service to 25 local entities like schools, hospitals and libraries. Provo’s government has been struggling with their iProvo network, going so far as to solicit proposals to sell the network to a private entity. After making a trip to Silicon Valley and being able to meet with Google representatives, Provo officials realized Google Fiber fit in nicely with a 50-year visioning process that was underway for Provo. This announcement makes Provo the third city to have Google Fiber, following in the footsteps of Kansas City and Austin, Texas.


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