Sergey Brin’s discussion on Google Glass at TED now available [Video]


Earlier in the month we reported about Sergey Brin’s comments at TED regarding Google Glass. Up until now, the video wasn’t available. He spoke more about the motivation of Google Glass rather than the actual features. In his opinion smartphones are emasculating and a nervous habit, and the future isn’t looking down at phones, but rather engaging with people and getting information at the same time.

The vision when starting Google 15 years ago was that people wouldn’t need a search query and information would just get delivered as needed. He feels Google Glass is the first form factor that can deliver this vision. As you know, Google Now was the first step to this in software form. He also mentioned the first prototypes of Glass didn’t have a camera.

It should be noted that this wasn’t an actual Ted talk, but more of spontaneous appearance. Hit the break for the full talk and interview.

  • M42

    Google Glasses is as lame as Google Watch. If Google isn’t careful they’re going to become as lame as Apple.

  • Samuel Horne

    Google Glass is solving a problem within the early stages of development. I have personally seen people use their phone as a nervous habit, and I’m glad Google are doing something about it as an alternative.

    • RobertNazarian

      I agree that phones can be a “nervous habit”, but does Glass fix this? Instead of people staring down at their phones, they will just be staring and not paying attention. It should be interesting to see how it evolves.

  • An adult

    Smart phones are emasculating? Oh, GROW UP!